1. First up: call your university. If you only just missed your grades, they might be sympathetic or offer you a place for next year
  2. Prepare to be flexible while searching for available courses. Think about joint honours. (potentially a language... )
  3. You need the number, FATbrain got it, just search the different regions.
  4. Before you call note down all your details including exam results, course choices and your clearing number, found on your UCAS Track page. (If the UCAS site crashes like last year, call them)
  5. The Phone Calls. Time to get serious, no excuses for missed grades, ask for your specific course preference but explain you are willing to broaden your horizons by completing a joint honours or similar programme. Be prepared for questions such as why this course? why you? Why here? And have some questions ready to fire back. REMEMBER, you don’t have to accept the first clearing offer you get. Last year there were 46,000 spots up for grabs.